in_time_xlg-1 Detective Edward Cullen is asked to go undercover in the Rich and luxurious city of Greenwich, CT to bring down the mob boss know as the “Prime Minister” his only back up is FBI Agent Isabella Swan…his new undercover wife. 


Chp. 1       Chp. 2       Chp. 3

Chp. 4       Chp. 5       Chp. 6  

Chp. 7       Chp. 8     Chp. 9

 Chp. 10      Chp. 11       Chp. 12

Chp. 13       Chp. 14       Chp. 15       

Chp. 16       Chp. 17     Chp. 18

This story is Incomplete.


  1. I loved this when you started but we haven’t hard from you in a long time. Are you going to update this or is this it? I really hope you decide to update and finish the story.

  2. Please update soon! Are the other ones posted and hidden or anticipated chapters? Either way, you’re killing us smalls! 😁

  3. Really like this story so far and hope you are able to continue with it. 🙂 I love Reign as well. You’re a great writer! 🙂

  4. This story is honestly amazing ! I read your story Ruthless People in fact all 3 in that series right from the beginning when it was first on twilight fanfiction and then on here and I’m just saying that it was absoluteley incredible. Honestly, after every chapter I would either be crying, awwing or tearing my hair out waiting for another update, this story is just the same as well as reign, which by the way, is honestly captivating as well. You just have a way with words that hypnotize the reader making them feel whatever you want them to feel it is truly outstanding ! Please update this story and reign, so many people are entranced by your story you have a loyal following already, can’t wait for the next update ! 🙂

  5. I have been a reader since your very first fanfic post. And I am especially intrigued and interested in this story so please continue with this after you gave us a little taste.

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