The Good Sister



Somewhere in life I took a wrong turn and never found my way back. For me there were no second chances, there were no redos…or at least that’s what I thought, until I met a girl on a bus who looked just like me…just a little richer. Contains: Daddyward/Doctorward and a dash of witchcraft.

This story was once called My Redo Life


Chp. 1       Chp. 2       Chp. 3

Chp. 4       Chp. 5       Chp. 6  

Chp. 7       Chp. 8     Chp. 9

 Chp. 10      Chp. 11       Chp. 12

Chp. 13       Chp. 14       Chp. 15       

Chp. 16       Chp. 17     Chp. 18


  1. Please please please we want more please I can’t wait , I love everything you do with your story’s it’s amazing how u make us get into it and feel EVREY emotion .

  2. Oh my goodness. Please update! I’m in love with this story line! I bought and read Ruthless People in a day! I need more 😊

  3. Wow this new banner is amazing! Really, hand down, it’s so good. I hope and cross like hell everything I have for you to keep going with this story cause it awesome. Changing the title might have been a really good decision.

  4. I’m ready whenever you are to continue betaing this story for you…let me know when you are ready with the next chapter or if you need someone to bounce some ideas of where you want to take this just send me an email girl!!! Looking forward to getting back at it soon!!

  5. I know you must hate this question, but do you have a timeframe on when you might continue this story, cause I gotta say I’m absolutely loving it so far and cant wait to read more =)

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