About Me

Oh you want to know a little about me? Really? Aww

So I’m a writer (duh that’s how you found me), movie enthusiast, and self-proclaimed chef. I love music even though I can’t sing or dance to save my life. (That doesn’t necessarily stop me but you’ve been warned.)

Some facts on me me,

  • I wrote my first novel at 14 but never published it.
  • Whenever I flip to the history channel I find myself stuck there until the next commercial.
  • I think Morgan Freeman really should narrate everything.
  • I’m French-Canadian…I can’t speak french  I was just born in that province.
  • I often feel much older than I am. (20…though I turn 21 in feb)
  • I have mild form of dyslexia.
  • I’m an extrovert with some introvert tendencies.
  • Oh yea and i’m a twihard… 😀

You can find me through any of these links:




 Remember: Ruthless People comes out JULY 17th 


  1. Hello, I would like to ask if you could please finish Reign…
    I really like to read it completed. Your fan from Hungary

  2. I bought your Ruthless Saga on Kindle IPad. Told my friend and she bought it. She loves it. I read the original fan fiction. Is there a way I get a PDFs.on the fanfiction to my email is hoaauker1967@gmail.com. Thanks so much. Love Reign.

  3. All of the words in my Webster couldn’t possibly describe how obsessed with you I am. (No need for restraining orders, I suck at google maps) Alas, creepy compliments will have to do for now. I just wish I could live in your brain for one day! How entertaining would that be! 🙂 Anywho, I love you and your stories and you can put me down for life long supporter. LONG LIVE RUTHLESS!!!


    EdwardAteMyPuppy(on fanfic.net)
    Bree (in real life)

  4. Dear Ruthlessly Yours,

    Now that the Ruthless People Saga (which I enjoyed reading it!!) is complete, you can concentrate on CoBW & Reign!!! 😀

    Yours sincerely,
    I’m A Fan

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